District 186 in financial limbo

District 186 in financial limbo. (WRSP)

Schools are getting ready to open their doors, but some districts are still struggling because of the state's ongoing budget issues around education funding.

Even though Illinois has a budget now, school districts across the state are still feeling the lingering impacts of the long budget crisis because there is still no funding formula in place for education.

At Monday night's school board meeting, District 186 Superintendent Jennifer Gill said the district is in limbo right now with the uncertainty around state funding. After Governor Bruce Rauner issued an amendatory veto on Senate Bill One last week, Gill says she's unsure of what those changes would mean for the district.

"Even in the amendatory veto, we'd receive additional funds," explained Gill. "However, we need to look at parts of the amendatory veto that might affect us adversely, as well."

The bill is currently back in the Senate and they have until August 15th to act or the bill dies. Lawmakers would then be back at square one to come up with a new education funding formula.

The state still requires districts to have a budget put together.

District 186 will present a tentative budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the next school board meeting.

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