Uptick in upper respiratory problems in dogs

    Uptick in upper respiratory problems in dogs

    Pet owners beware: your dog could be at risk for the dog flu.

    There's currently an uptick in upper respiratory problems in dogs, this is due to the recently low humidity.

    "Increased sneezing, increased discharge from the nose, the eyes, it can go into a cough, the pet feeling lethargic, laying around not wanting to eat a lot." Canann Chores, Veterinarian at Capitol Illini Veterinary Services said.

    If you notice your dog experiencing any of these symptoms, it's time to take a trip to your local vet.

    "That can be a sign of a bacterial infection or influenza, and all those are going to range from mild, moderate to severe, depending on what strain the dog was exposed to," Chores said.

    Dogs most at risk are those who have the most contact with other dogs.

    "Those are dogs that are going to be boarding a lot, going to grooming facilities, dog parks, doggie daycare,” Chores said.

    Your dog can also pick up the virus through water and food bowls, but there are ways to prevent this.

    "The number one way is to have the pet vaccinated against influenza,” Chores said.

    For dogs, there are only two known influenza viruses. Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated at least once a year.

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