Dog severely injured in fight with coyote

    Murph suffered multiple puncture wounds including a punctured lung. (WRSP)

    A dog was viciously attacked by coyotes in the backyard of his owner's home in Leland Grove.

    It happened Wednesday night, and the little dog Murph is still recovering.

    Now, the Mayor of Leland Grove said she'll do whatever she can so this never happens again.

    Murph, the Cairn Terrier, was attacked Wednesday night near Outer Park Drive.

    His owners said the 13-pound dog fought a 50-pound coyote and narrowly survived.

    Patrick Kelley was watching TV at home when he heard screaming.

    "I thought for a minute it might have been people out there," Kelley said. "It sounded like people yelling or something. So I grabbed a flashlight and came outside to see what was going on."

    That's when he found a large coyote attacking his 13-pound Cairn Terrier in his backyard.

    "I ran down that way and the coyote backed off of Murph but didn't flee, and Murph, meanwhile, I could tell he was hurt pretty badly, bleeding profusely," Kelley said.

    Murph suffered multiple puncture wounds including a punctured lung.

    Kelley said the dog had to have been fighting what he describes as a 50-pound coyote for at least a few minutes.

    "He was saved by his tenacity," Kelley said. "He has the heart of a lion, but also, he was helped by the fact that he was wearing an invisible fence collar, which is a thick collar."

    The attack was devastating to Kelley's son.

    "To see him lying there helpless really got to me," Michael Kelley said. "I actually got really emotional because that's not Murph to me. Murph's the dog who's always active, happy."

    Despite several puncture wounds and a punctured lung, Murph recently underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

    "It's going to take a while for him to get back to normal, but we're just happy he's alive," Michael Kelley said. "It could have been a lot worse."

    Patrick Kelley said the attack opened his eyes about pet safety.

    He recommends anyone with small animals to supervise them if they're outside, especially at night.

    Leland Grove Mayor Jill Egizii said there have been other recent reports of coyote sightings in the area.

    She's working with the DNR and other officials to find ways to address the issue.

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