Driver warns others of overpass prank

Driver warns others of overpass prank (WCCU)

It is something many drivers don't think of when going under an overpass, someone throwing an object from above.

But that's what happened to Brad Woo.

Woo was heading home east on Interstate 72 towards Mahomet when he noticed a white car parked on the County Farm Road overpass between the Bridge and Market Street exits.

“Lucky for this time, my suspicions saved my life," Woo said.

Next thing he knew, he was swerving to avoid a large object that splattered right behind him. His car left skid marks on the road and the impact of the object left a large spot.

“It angers me and saddens me that someone would actually do something like that,” Woo said. “It can really ruin someone's life, a family."

Which is something Brad knows firsthand. His cousin Billy died 20 years ago after someone threw a tire off a bridge hitting his car and killing him instantly.

Brad said Billy is his guardian angel.

“My cousin Billy was watching over me that day," Woo said.

The family posted about the incident on Facebook. It has since been shared over 950 times.

After seeing the post, an eyewitness reached out to the family and said he chased the car but was unable to stop it.

Brad's wife Pam is surprised by the response so far and hopes it helps others be more alert.

“Hopefully people see that and realize if you see something say something,” Pam Woo said. “There is really no reason to be parked on an overpass.”

She said she wouldn't know what to do if Brad didn't come home that night to her and their two daughters.

“It is a horrible thing to do because you can change a family in an instant," Pam Woo said.

The Piatt County Sheriff's Department is investigating. While they don't know what the object was, they do know the suspect was driving a white car with tinted windows.

The sheriff's office reminds everyone that incidents like this are not a joke and can result in death or serious injury. If you're caught, police say you can face severe charges.

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