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Drivers warned not to travel with snow and ice on vehicles

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Removing the ice and snow from your car may take you an extra 10 minutes in the morning. It’s an extra step, but not everyone does it, because sometimes you’re in a hurry.

In the end, it can save someone’s life and save you money.

"Every year we do have people that continue to drive with things on the windshield, snow and ice," said Illinois State Police Trooper Joseph Rush.

Not many people know they're breaking the law when they don't take the time to remove the snow and ice from their vehicle.

"State law prohibits that you have any material obstruction on windows or mirrors while traveling down the roadway," said Rush.

You're supposed to clear off all windows and mirrors before driving.

"You're traveling down the interstate at 70 miles per hour and a chunk of ice flies off your vehicle - it can cause severe damage to the vehicle that's traveling behind you and can also cause them to have an accident," he said.

A serious accident can lead you to an auto repair shop like Tatman's Collision in Champaign.

"We always get the front rear impacts," said Tatman's Collision Owner Tim Tatman. "People not slowing down, but when it's deep like this (snow), you get a lot of under side damage."

One of the most common types of repairs?

"Broken windshields and dents from ice falling off of other cars on the highway," said Tatman.

Tatman said because the recent snowfall was heavy it stuck to the cars pretty well and he expects to see more people come in to get their vehicles fixed.

"It usually takes a few days for them to file a claim and we'll see," he said. "We'll be busier I'm sure."

If you do get caught, driving with an obstructed view, you'll get pulled over.

"To educate them and also to promote safety, we don't want anybody getting into any accidents," said Rush.

You can avoid a possible ticket and causing a serious accident by.

"Clean your car off thoroughly, before you leave home, it'll save you a lof won't have to come see me," said Tatman.

"Leave yourself plenty of time in the mornings to get out, clear your windows off, clear your mirrors off," said Rush.

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Trooper Rush also said because school is in session drivers need to cautious. If your windshield is obstructed, then you won't be able to see pedestrians.

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