Early voting kicks off in Champaign County

Early voting kicks off in Champaign County

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten explains what your vote means in during this general primary election, which will determine the candidates of the general election in November.

"In the primary election you will either choose a republican or a democratic ballot, depending on which party's nomination contest you want to choose from,” Hulten said. “Both parties have contests all over the ballot and we have offices such as Governor and the other state-wide offices, Congress down to county offices for voters to vote on."

Around 20,000 Champaign County residents are expected to vote in the primaries, however, only 5,000 of them are expected to vote early. Hulten suggests taking advantage of early voting now to avoid lines on election day.

If you are choosing to use a mail-in ballot this year, your envelope must be sent back and postmarked by that election date, which is set for March 20.

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