Early voting starts Monday in Champaign County

Early voting starts Monday in Champaign County (WCCU)

Starting Monday, eight early voting polling places will open in Champaign County.

The Champaign County Clerk’s office has been the only place to early vote since February 8.

Of those early votes, 691 have been for democratic ballots and 527 have been republican.

Voting by mail has also been a popular option, with more than a thousand received so far.

"It actually makes life a lot easier for those of us in the office," Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten said. "It means everybody who votes by mail or votes early doesn't have to potentially stand in line on election day or worry about something happening in their schedule on election day that could prevent them from voting."

The general primary election is March 20.

As a reminder, you can register to vote on the same day you vote.

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