Edinburg family honors late daughter at Luke Bryan concert

The Moreland's, along with family and friends, tailgated before the Luke Bryan concert Friday in honor of Mackenzie. 

An Edinburg family honored their late daughter Friday night at the Luke Bryan concert.

Mackenzie Moreland passed away suddenly in 2011. She was 14 years old.

Erika and Ron Moreland, Mackenzie’s parents, invited their friends to a tailgate before the concert.

The Moreland’s say Mackenzie loved Luke Bryan. In fact, the last concert she went to in August of 2011. Ironically, that concert was also at the State Fairgrounds.

The Moreland’s were hoping Luke Bryan would play Mackenzie’s favorite song, We Rode in Trucks.

“I’m sure that there will be a lot of tears from everybody in the crowd that knew Mackenzie and knew what the song means to everybody, but we will all be seriously so happy,” Erika Moreland said.

The song was played at Mackenzie’s funeral.

Luke Bryan did play that song at his concert Friday night.

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