Election 2018: Democratic candidate for governor Robert Marshall

Photo Courtesy: Robert Marshall Campaign

Democratic candidate for governor Robert Marshall has a unique solution to solve Illinois’ budget problems; he wants to dissolve the state of Illinois as we know it today.

"One of my plans is to divide this state up into three brand new separate states: Chicago, the suburbs, north of Route 80 and the south of Route 80 is the third state,” Marshall said.

He said splitting up the state will improve each areas economic outlook.

Marshall said legalizing marijuana would also boost the state’s economy by creating a new source of income.

"I mean you're talking billions of dollars of a new crop that people can grow down here and throughout the whole state you can sell it,” Marshall said.

Marshall would also like to implement casino gambling in Chicago.

Marshall knows he has a tough road ahead if he wants to advance on through the primary, but he's optimistic it can be done.

"If you get 200-300 thousand independents, librarians and Republicans crossing over, we could have real reform in this state,” Marshall said.

See Marshall’s full interview below.

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We continue our candidate coverage on March 12 with a look at Democratic candidate for governor JB Pritzker on Fox Springfield News at 9.

Illinois' Primary Election is on March 20.

Throughout this election year, we'll be using the hashtag #ILElection18. Search that on social media to follow along with the latest coverage. Also, follow statehouse reporter Rachel Droze on Facebook and Twitter and Fox Illinois on Facebook and Twitter.

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