EPA grants a look inside Pillsbury Mills Plant after asbestos cleanup

The EPA has finished the asbestos cleanup of the old Pillsbury Mills Plant and Thursday, we got an inside look at the plant. (WRSP)

The EPA has finished the asbestos cleanup of the old Pillsbury Mills Plant. Thursday we got an inside look at the plant. We've been following this clean-up closely since it started in February.

There is still other work left to be done on the almost yearlong project.

Seeing the difference from when the EPA started to now is night and day.

The project manager is working toward taking out the last bit of trash.

“It looks like a junk pile,” nearby resident Mae Hirano said.

People living next to the Pillsbury Plant say they're fed up with looking at the abandoned building.

“It's been there my whole life,” nearby resident Matthew Carter said. “I've grown an attachment to it, but after a while you just like it's an eyesore.”

We were granted an inside look at the Pillsbury Plant and saw what's left for them to clean up.

There are large oil containers and a sealed bucket of mercury.

Still, the EPA is keeping us in a closed off area for safety reasons.

U.S. EPA Project Manager Kevin Turner tells us there are still small traces of asbestos around the massive factory.

“It's too big and too open and too many openings,” Turner said.

However, Turner ensures neighbors they should rest easier knowing the asbestos levels are lowered.

“Their exposure level is greatly reduced,” Turner said.

This is leaving one young man feeling relieved.

“It's really not much of an issue for health, so that's nice,” Carter said.

What happens to the building next is still unknown, but control will now go back into the owner's hands.

Turner says they'll have to have a hard discussion moving forward after seeing the inside of these buildings.

“It's still deteriorating and it's falling apart and the roofs of these buildings are falling apart,” Turner said.

“I just would like to see the building torn down and I don't really care what goes there,” Carter said. “I am just more or less, I think it's time for a change.”

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