Family looking for answers after World War II burial flag stolen

Family looking for answers after World War II burial flag stolen

Police are searching for the person who stole a world war two burial flag.

It was stolen from a home on East Market Street in Taylorville.

The victim told officers someone entered her home sometime between February 4-6.

The flag belonged to the homeowner's husband's father and was gifted after his death in World War II at the time of his burial.

The thief also stole both video game equipment and a camera.

"I want that flag back, so much, it means so much to my boys and to me," said Rosemary Kearney who had the burial flag stolen from her home.

The American flag is a symbol that always has value.

"If we can get it back, we'll do everything we can," Officer Alan Mills of the Taylorville Police Department said.

However, this flag meant so much more to a family who grasped the memories it held.

"My husband was 54-years-old before he even found out that his mother even had his father's flag and it's been in a flag case in our home ever since," Kearney said.

It held memories of a family member, who gave the ultimate sacrifice at age 20 before being buried in Italy.

"So, he never knew his father, never met him. All we have is pictures and the flag," Kearney said.

After the break-in occurred at their family home, the burial flag and its memories were gone.

"The one item that caught my attention was the World War II burial flag that was folded and put into a triangle shadow box. The flag also had some campaign ribbons in the box with it and some empty shell cases," Mills said.

While the flag was not the only thing stolen, it is the one thing the family wants to be returned.

"I mean, there are other things gone, but this flag means so, so much to me. I want this flag back, dearly, you can never replace it," Kearney said.

Now the family hopes someone will come forward to help them have the family reunion they are hoping for.

If you have any information on this crime, call Taylorville Police at 217-824-2211.

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