Family, NAACP ask to see video of officer-involved shooting

34-year-old DaNathe Gulliford was shot and killed by Danville police in June. (WCCU)

A Danville family and the local NAACP chapter president are demanding answers after two Danville police officers who fired at an armed man during a traffic stop were justified.

34-year-old DaNathe Gulliford was shot and killed by Danville police in June.

Police claim Gulliford had a gun in his hand, but refused to put it down, causing the two officers to open fire.

On Friday, Vermilion County State's Attorney Jacqueline Lacy concluded that there are no criminal charges warranted in this case, following an ISP investigation.

Now, Gulliford's family and the local NAACP chapter president, Ed Butler, are questioning this decision.

“Of course the family is upset, because they're just saying they didn't have to shoot five times, they didn't have to kill him,” Butler said.

Butler says the death of 34-year-old DaNathe Gulliford still has him torn

“I love my police force, and I love my people,” he said.

According to Lacy, the two police officers were justified following an ISP investigation where police reports, 911 recordings and police dash cam video was reviewed.

Now, Butler and Gulliford's family would like to see that video for themselves.

“The camera tells it all,” Butler said.

Specifically, Butler wants to know what led officers to shoot Gulliford in the back.

“It’s a red flag, and to me that was the fatal blow,” he said.

He said if the video shows the officers shooting Gulliford without reason, he'll work with the family to take legal action.

“Let’s do this in a peaceful and lawful like manner,” Butler said.

Butler said he will be allowed to review the video at some point in the near future, at which time he'll be joined by Gulliford’s mother as well as Danville city leaders.

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