Family responds after man arrested for hiding from police on his family's roof

    Family responds after man arrested for hiding from police on his family's roof.

    One man is now in custody after an hours long standoff in Springfield.

    It happened Thursday on Daniels Street.

    The name of the man on the roof is Cody Alexander.

    Friday, his family is still cleaning up from the attempts that were made Thursday to reach him, which included taking out part of their ceiling.

    Cody’s grandmother, Carol Alexander, said the way it was all handled frustrated her as she said it was her understanding the officers were originally there for a different man.

    She said she was going to change her cat’s litter box when her day took an unexpected turn.

    “A lady from the outside told me to open the door immediately and hold my hands up," Carol said.

    She said it all happened so quickly but she did not realize her grandson, Cody, was nowhere to be seen.

    "By that time, like I said, Cody was trying to get out the front window and disappeared," Carol said.

    She realized her grandson Cody was not just nowhere to be found but that he had crawled into her attic but also on her roof.

    "He was not going to come down. There were so many people. There was crowds across the street, the whole neighborhood was out," Carol said.

    She said it was her understanding that the police were not originally there for Cody, however he also had warrants out for his arrest.

    “He missed two court dates up at the county building. One for a cab ride he paid back $500 to the cab driver and the other one was for a battery charge," Heather Alexander, Cody’s mother, said.

    So that is why she believes he ran into the attic and it resulted in some heavy damage when officers tried to get to him.

    When walking inside the house, there were noticeable marks and several parts of the ceiling in several different areas of the home were destroyed.

    Family members said the damage has taken a toll and for a while they could not go inside their own home without wearing a mask because of the dust from the insulation and debris.

    While the family is looking for answers about why so much damage was necessary to get to Cody, they want him to know one thing for sure.

    "Grandma loves you very much, your mother loves you and Aunt Toni loves you very much," Carol said.

    Springfield Police released the following statement in regards to the incident:

    On September 13, at approximately 4:08 p.m., Springfield Police Officers responded to a residence in the 1000 block of North Daniels in reference to a subject wanted on a warrant. The subject was identified as Cody A. Alexander, a 21-year-old white male who also resides in the 1000 block of North Daniels.

    Upon arrival, officers observed Alexander run inside in an attempt to evade arrest. Springfield Police were granted access to the residence and determined that Alexander was hiding in the attic. Alexander refused to exit the attic and ultimately made his way to the exterior roof. After several hours of tense negotiations, members of the Emergency Response Team were able to take Alexander into custody.

    Alexander was transported to Memorial Medical Center and is currently receiving treatment for self-inflicted injuries he sustained during the incident.

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