Decatur residents concerned after man shot in chest

Decatur residents concerned after man shot in chest

A busy weekend for Decatur Police after a man was shot in the chest near the intersection of Garfield and Illinois Street.

"While those officers were responding to that area, another officer who was Decatur Memorial Hospital notified them that an apparent gunshot victim had just walked in,” Decatur Police Sargent Christopher Copeland said. “He had apparently sustained a gunshot wound to the chest."

That victim had driven himself to the hospital. Police say this is an act of violence they aren’t taking lightly.

"Obviously that's very concerning, to the chest or the torso area, especially,” Sgt. Copeland said. “The chances of surviving that are a lot less than getting shot in the arm or the leg."

One man who lives just a block away from the scene says he was worried when he returned home around 11:00 p.m. Saturday after picking up one of his granddaughters from work. He describes a police presence taking up several blocks in the area.

"With so much happening here in town, you don't know what's going to happen,” Decatur resident Raymond King said. “And what I try to do is protect my grandchildren."

King says he's had a growing concern over the violence he's seen Decatur over the last several years. He hopes to see an end to the violence soon.

"You keep everything locked, even when you're driving you try to keep everything locked,” King said. “You fear something's going to happen, so you try to do your best to move forward. That's all you can do."

If you have any information about the shooting, you are asked to call Macon County Crime Stoppers at (217) 423-TIPS. Tips can be kept anonymous and may even lead to a cash reward.

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