Free concealed carry course offered to Illinois teachers

    Free concealed carry course offered to Illinois teachers

    After seeing the recent uptick in school shootings around the country, former police officer Rick Noble is offering a free concealed carry class to teachers in central Illinois.

    "An active shooter will kill eight people a minute, average,” Noble said. "If somebody calls and says there is an active shooter in our school, it's going to take the police at least a minute to two minutes to get there, if they're in a big district. 20 minutes in a rural district."

    On top of the concealed carry certificate, teachers will also get active shooter training.

    "You know, we have kids that are doing some crazy stuff now and then,” Farmer City teacher Robert Duke said. “The police are going to get out here as fast as they can, but it still takes time. And in that time events occur, and we need to be able to protect ourselves."

    Class instructors are also in favor of letting districts decide whether to arm their teachers.

    "A teacher that's armed can engage an active shooter immediately,” Noble said. “If they have the ability to take that active shooter out and take them out, then they are going to save countless lives."

    Some teachers say arming themselves is only one part in dealing with school shootings.

    "There are mental issues and I think some of those issues need to be addressed, also,” Duke said.

    Others say they have concerns about allowing guns in schools.

    "I think you just open yourself up to a lot of risk," opponent Jim Gatherer said. "A child or someone would do something that maybe they shouldn't and it'll result in some unfortunate accident."

    Course instructors of the course say the type of legislation they're advocating for would require teachers to go through intensive firearm training, on top of psychological evaluations.

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