General signups for LIHEAP begin Friday

General signups for LIHEAP begin Friday. (WRSP)

Friday, December 1 is the beginning of general signups for LIHEAP.

Appointment season has been in effect since October 2, 2017. That signup was for families with seniors and disabled households. The second wave of signups was on November 1, 2017, for families with children under the age of six years.

The decades-old program helps low-income residents and families pay for their home energy services during the summer and winter months.

Illinois residents with an eligible household income can get assistance.

Qualifying household’s annual incomes must be the following:

  • For one person, $18,090
  • For two people, $24,360
  • For three people, $30,630
  • For four people, $36,900
  • For five people, $43,170

This is what is needed at the time of the LIHEAP appointment (according to documents from the Sangamon County LIHEAP Priority Program):

  • Household gross income for 30 days prior to the appointment.
  • Social security cards for everyone in the household.
  • Current gas and electric utility bill(s).
  • Utility disconnect notices.
  • Medical card (if available)
  • DHS Food Stamp/SNAP card or verification.

While there is a need for supply, those in charge are saying to register sooner rather than later. This is due to many people also signing up around the same time.

Once an application is complete, approval or denial of the request will be made soon after.

The payments are made directly to the utility for the applicant.

The department said if you are to see that the application list is full, to try again.

"Unfortunately the supply doesn't meet the need, and so, unfortunately, we fill up our appointments extremely quickly. We will try to address people's needs as soon as we possibly can," Executive Director of Community Resources in Sangamon County Sharmin Doerin said.

They hope to be taking applicants and their requests through May.

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