Gubernatorial Candidates: What We'd Do For Women

They also said one day, they hope to see more female candidates running for elected positions like governor. (WRSP)

As hundreds of people came together to march for women's rights on Tuesday, one of the events that drew attention was a chance to hear from the Democratic candidates vying for Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's job.

All five of the declared, Democratic gubernatorial candidates spoke at a rally. Fox Springfield asked each candidate what they would do for women, if elected governor.

State Senator Daniel Biss said we need to make sure that our system works for all women - whether they're working moms, low-income, or single. "We need to make childcare universal, we need to have paid family leave so a single mom can be able to be a par t of the economy and also be a part of a stable family," said Biss.

Bob Daiber, the Madison County Regional Superintendent of Schools, said women in Illinois deserve equality. "This state needs an equal rights amendment to make sure that all women feel they are treated fairly, and to reinforce the equal pay, equal work standards and all equal benefits for women in our state," said Daiber.

Former Chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, and member of the Kennedy family, Chris Kennedy said the state needs to undo the damage Governor Bruce Rauner has done. "In Illinois, we need to restore the American Dream," said Kennedy. "The notion that anybody can make it, that you can rise from rags to riches, that every generation does a little bit better than the prior generation."

Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar said he's focused on protecting women's health because women's rights are human rights. "We need to protect women's reproductive rights, honor women," Pawar said. "None of us would be here without them, so I don't understand why we're frankly here, marching for them, when this is a common sense thing to do."

Venture capitalist and philanthropist J.B. Pritzker said the state needs to rebuild a safety net for social services. "We're going to need a Marshall Plan for rebuilding the shelters that have been there for domestic violence and for sexual assault victims," said Pritzker. "We need a Marshall Plan to reopen so many facilities around the state that have been closed."

Women spoke with Fox Springfield after the rally, and said they have hope someone will take action for women in this state. They also said one day, they hope to see more female candidates running for elected positions like governor.

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