Havana duck hunter's tornado photo goes viral

    Havana duck hunter's tornado photo goes viral (CNN Newsource)

    During the storm on Saturday, four friends were on the water duck hunting.

    They were face to face with the storm barreling down on them from less than a mile away.

    For two of the guys, this was their first tornado, but for the others, this was just another good day for hunting.

    However, one picture taken of a hunter with the storm in the background went viral over Facebook.

    "I've never been that close to a tornado," Levi Sariff, a Havana resident, said. "I have never ever seen a tornado come down and form, actually destroy something. Just to witness the whole entire process was crazy."

    "We weren't joking about it or anything. We just had the chance to take an epic picture that you'll probably never have the chance to take again," Jace Pedigo, a Havana resident, said

    The guys say they hope the families affected by the storm are alright

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