Hundreds attend Loami's 4th of July Celebration

    Hundreds attend Loami's 4th of July Celebration

    Saturday was Loami’s annual 4th of July Celebration.

    It started at 3:00 pm with a parade.

    After the parade, there were activities in the park.

    Hundreds attended the events throughout the day, including Mary Cohen, a lung disease survivor.

    "It's awesome, it really is, there's no way to describe it," explained Cohen.

    Last year, she attended the event, however her disease made it difficult to enjoy it.

    Recently, she qualified for a rare lung surgery, which allowed her to enjoy the celebration in a whole new light.

    "I'm breathing now and I can get out and participate in activities in the heat, which last year I could not," Cohen explained.

    There was an array of activities.

    These varied from face painting, to a wild animal exhibit.

    The night ended with fireworks at 9:00 pm.

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