Hundreds attend Springfield March for Our Lives

Hundreds attend Springfield March for Our Lives

March For Our Lives took over the nation Saturday.

There were more than 800 sister marches, including one in Springfield.

This comes following the deadly mass shooting at a Florida School in February.

Also, on March 20, another deadly shooting at a school in Maryland.

“Seeing students just like me being murdered in their classrooms and this is something that happens every day and needs to change,” said Aleya Justison, an organizer of March For Our Lives.

The Springfield march was put on by high school students.

Hundreds attended the rally, demanding action.

"I think there needs to be stricter regulations on people being able to obtain guns and stricter regulations of where you can have those guns,” explained Justison.

Across the street from the gun control rally was Mike Frooninckz.

He had a different message.

“It’s not the tool that the kids are using, it’s the fact that something is wrong with the kid. We are raising them wrong,” said Frooninckz.

Everyone out, whether they wanted stricter gun control or not, was demanding the state take action.

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