Illinois bill could provide safe zones for immigrants

Illinois bill could provide safe zones for immigrants

One in seven Illinois residents is an immigrant, according to the American Immigration Council.

"I think right now immigrants feel horribly vulnerable,” said Senator Don Harmon, D-Oak Park.

Senator Harmon passed a measure out of committee Wednesday to create safe zones for immigration enforcement in Illinois.

This means police couldn't question people they assumed to be illegal immigrants in state funded spaces, like schools, hospitals and the library.

"I want the families I represent to feel safe in Illinois when they're doing routine things,” explained Harmon.

Others, like Rosanna Pulido, who is against illegal immigration, worry the bill would hurt the state.

"What the General Assembly is doing is they are taking discretion away from local police departments, law enforcement, sheriff's," said Pulido, with the Illinois Minuteman Project.

She is a woman of Mexican descent, who was born and raised in Chicago. She believes everyone should follow the same rules.

"It seems to me like the General Assembly is more worried about safe zones for illegal aliens, Rauner, (with) the Trust Act. Then I wish there was a safe zone for Illinois taxpayers,” said Pulido.

The bill passed passed the Senate Judiciary Committee 8 to 4.

It now moves to the full senate for consideration.

If the senate passes it, it moves to the house for debate.

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