Illinois high speed rail looks to increase travel safety

Safety is at the forefront of the Illinois High-Speed Rail Project. (WRSP)

Safety is at the forefront of the Illinois High-Speed Rail Project.

"The entire corridor is being built up to modern rail design standards, so the speeds through Springfield will be limited to 50 miles per hour."

After a devastating Amtrak derailment led to three deaths.

"I mean, just like an airplane if you don't take care of it the right way, something could go wrong, same way with a vehicle."

Now, engineers are doing everything they can to make sure a nearly $2 billion high-speed Amtrak rail in Illinois will not have the same fate.

"We are going to eliminate the chances for people to get hit by trains. By building all of these underpasses, closing these crossings, moving the corridor over from 3rd Street to 10th Street we will in the end reduce car and train accidents by 80 percent."

While not everyone blames the high-speeds for Monday’s accident.

"I think that people who have been doing that for a certain amount of time and have certain certifications should be able to say 'hey if they were doing this speed in there then it would have been fine.'"

The High-Speed Rail Project managers said their ultimate goal, is to make safety a priority.

"Having the underpass in there, just eliminating that crossing making it safer for residents around this area and the people of Springfield."

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