Illinois NAACP Concerned About Trump Presidency

Illinois NAACP Concerned About Trump Presidency (WRSP)

Illinois NAACP President Teresa Haley says all 50 state organization leaders held a conference call Thursday to talk about their concerns about President-Elect Donald Trump.

"I've received several calls from people just really upset and concerned about racial tension and racial relations," Haley said. "And it's not a black and white issue, it's a Jewish issue, it's a Muslim issue, it's an Indian issue. It's all of us coming together and just making sure people are safe, so people are concerned."

Sangamon County Republican Chairwoman Rosemarie Long says people are unnecessarily concerned.

"He's not even in office yet. And I remember when President Obama came into office, a lot of people had concerns. And I didn't because I just felt I was going to stand by him because he was my president."

The NAACP says not enough minorities voted in the election, and they want to look into issues with the system.

"We need to restore the Voting Rights Act to its fullest," Haley said. "We figure with all the holes in the Voting Rights Act caused a lot of the problems that we've seen at the polls. Voter suppression, some states had records purged if someone hadn't voted in 5 years."

Long said the voting system is not a problem.

"Everyone is given the opportunity to vote. We have so many ways that they can vote early or whatever. If the people don't want to vote, you can't make them vote, so I think we've given them every effort."

Haley says some of Trump’s previous comments are coming back to bite him.

"I'm surprised that people are so radical, but people are afraid, and when people are afraid, they do crazy things -- so to speak they act out."

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