Illinois NAACP reacts to travel advisory for Missouri

Illinois NAACP reacts to travel advisory for Missouri. (WRSP)

The Illinois NAACP says it’s closely monitoring issues after a controversial warning in Missouri.

The National NAACP announced support for a travel advisory in Missouri.

The warning urges anyone living or going to the state to “travel with extreme caution.”

Missouri’s NAACP says the state has a long history of race and gender based hate crimes.

Something local officials say is a problem in Illinois as well.

“When one state, especially your neighbor state, is having those kinds of problems, we do go back and monitor it,” said Teresa Haley, President of the Illinois NAACP. “I think for the residents who live on the east side of Illinois, East St. Louis, Southern Illinois, it makes us more aware what’s going on around our surroundings.”

The Missouri NAACP says it’s received backlash from tourism industries throughout the state.

The advisory is in effect until the end of the month.

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