Illinois National Guard ready to help those in need

    Illinois National Guard ready to help those in need

    Members of the Illinois National Guard are in Tennessee as they wait to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

    The Illinois National Guard sent two helicopters and crews to support if necessary.

    Currently, they are at the McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base in Tennessee.

    They are ready to assist with anything from aerial search and rescue missions to delivering equipment.

    Bryan Spreitzer with the Illinois National Guard said this is what they prepare for.

    "It’s our job, it’s what we train to do,” Spreitzer said. “Day in and day out. So, we are ready whenever we get the call to support our domestic mission and our oversees war fighting mission as well."

    The troops are waiting for further instruction depending on what is needed.

    Officials tell me that those that were sent out are prepared to spend up to 10 days in the affected areas but they might have to stay longer depending on the damage.

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