Instructor: Send concealed carry renewal request in 5 months before license expires

Instructor: Send concealed carry renewal request in 5 months before license expires. (WRSP)

Five years ago Monday, Illinois became the last state in the nation to allow some form of gun possession in public when the legislature passed concealed carry law.

Many gun owners said that Illinois is a safer place because of that law.

“It hasn’t made a sea-change difference in the crime rates of Illinois, but it certainly hasn’t gone the other direction where some people predicted that we would have blood in the streets over disputes over parking spots are people flipping people the bird on the interstate,” Guns Save Life Executive Director John Boch said.

With the five-year renewal deadline approaching, instructors urged people to submit their applications early.

Part of the renewal process includes taking a three-hour training class.

Illinois State Police said it takes them about four months to process the concealed carry renewal request. If you have your fingerprints on the application, it takes about three months.

“Do it now,” Doug Schmidgall said. “Don’t wait.”

Schmidgall owns Aim 2 Shoot in Springfield and teaches concealed carry classes there.

He has two classes scheduled for August. He said those classes are already filling up with all the people that have to renew their licenses and he’s considering adding a third class.

Remember, in order to have your concealed carry license, you must also have a valid FOID card.

It’s also important to keep your address records up-to-date with the Illinois State Police because they’ll send out notifications when it’s time to renew.

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