ISBE: Rauner's veto could disrupt funding for all Illinois school districts

ISBE: Rauner's veto could disrupt funding for all Illinois school districts

The Illinois State Board of Education announced Friday that funding could be disrupted for all school districts across the state if the proposed changes in Senate Bill 444 are not enacted.

SB444 is the bill Gov. Bruce Rauner issued an amendatory veto on earlier this week.

ISBE said while they were working to implement the education funding reform bill that was signed into law in August 2017, they discovered 178 school districts would be shorted $37.8 million under the new formula.

To correct the drafting error, they requested changes included in SB444 and requested Rauner sign the bill as soon as possible.

“On the last possible day, the Governor issued an amendatory veto to SB 444 which has caused a disruption for the agency as it continues preparations for tier funding distribution as quickly as possible,” ISBE Communications Director Jackie Matthews said in an email. “If PA 100-465 is not changed in accordance with SB 444, there will be further disruption and confusion for all 852 school districts.”

According to ISBE, if the changes in SB444 aren’t enacted, 178 school districts will see a reduction in funding.

“The State Board is continuing to gather and clean data needed to distribute tier funding as we wait for the General Assembly to act on this amendatory veto,” Matthews said in an email. “Time is of the essence to ensure that what districts receive from the state this year is equitable and fair.”

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