ISP warns drivers of dangerous driving conditions

    Drivers are advised to stay home as heavy snowfall is expected in Central Illinois. (WCCU)

    With the amount of snow headed our way, Illinois State Police (ISP) said that could be dangerous and make driving difficult.

    The snow will pact quickly and your visibility will be limited, according to ISP Lt. Ryan Starrick.

    The FOX Illinois storm team estimates anywhere from seven to nine inches of snow coming down in our area.

    So if you have to drive, give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going.

    It's recommended to have at least a full tank of gas and a winter kit in your vehicle.

    But if you can stay home, that may be the best thing to do so you can stay safe.

    "We'll see a variety of different types of crashes, We'll see stranded motorists in the ditches, property damage crashes will occur,” said Starrick. “There's obviously the potential for personal injury crashes as well as jack knife semis."

    Illinois Department of Transportation will also be out clearing the roads and highways.

    The faster everything is cleared the safer it'll be drivers.

    ISP is encouraging drivers to stay home. It’s promoting what it’s calling “Stay Home Saturday” on its Facebook page.

    ISP suggests the public stay home where you can watch, Netflix or the snow fall from the comfort of your home.

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