Jesse White Supports Clinton, Says Trump Is Not The “Sharpest"

Jesse White Supports Clinton, Says Trump Is Not The “Sharpest" (WCCU)

The presidential elections are now less than 100 days away.

Secretary of State Jesse White says the only person worthy of becoming the nation's new leader is the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Jesse White, a democrat and Illinois’ longest serving Secretary of State, said Clinton’s experience in politics proves she is the most qualified for the presidential position.

He said he is fully supporting Clinton in her journey to the Oval Office.

But he added he can't believe Donald Trump is the Republican candidate.

"He cleared the primary election... and I don't quite understand that. But the bottom line is this,” he said, “we have Hillary Clinton and we are going to win with her, and she is going to become one of the best presidents we have ever enjoyed."

He added that he does not think Trump is “the sharpest knife in the drawer”.

But despite his support for Hillary, White said the Democratic nominee still needs to work on encouraging more young citizens to step up and place a vote in the November elections.

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