Joshu'ah Young sentenced to 40 years following 2014 murder

Joshu'ah Young has been found guilty by a jury of killing 22-year-old Rakim Vineyard in 2014. (WCCU)

When Joshu'ah Young was first found guilty by a jury, he put up two middle fingers to Rakim Vineyard's family as he was escorted out of the court room.

A judge says it's the same kind of lack of remorse that he's shown throughout his time with justice system and why she's sentencing him to 40 years.

"He didn't even show remorse or even apologize to the family for what he has done,” said Kiara Frazier. Vineyard and Frazier have a son together who’s now 8-years-old. “He didn't do nothing. And he sat there with his head down, didn't want to look, smiling, as if everything was a joke to him."

Joshu'ah Young has been found guilty by a jury of killing 22-year-old Rakim Vineyard in 2014. Police say Young came up behind vineyard on a sidewalk on Beardsley Avenue and shot him in the back. Vineyard was a father of two.

Now 20, Young is accused of committing the crime when he was 16.

"Even in light of the age that he was when he committed the offense, even in the light of the age that he is now, his attitude has not changed,” Champaign County Circuit Judge Heidi Ladd said.

Young has previously served two and a half years in jail for aggravated, unlawful use of weapon.

Police say they've dealt with young frequently over the years and say they hope the sentencing will lead others to think twice before committing acts of violence.

"That incident seemed to be a significant divining line and spark in the community that led to a significant division,” Champaign Police Lieutenant Dave Shaffer said. “It resulted in a lot of acts of violence in the past three years."

Those closest to vineyard say they're glad to see young behind bars, but they don't think 40 years is enough.

"They have a small family, it really hurt them, it hurt his friends, it hurt his kids. It hurt a lot of people,” family friend Destiny Nesbitt.

Young will be 60-years-old when he is released from prison. After that, he has three years of supervised release.

"My son three years ago started kindergarten and his dad was not there with him,” Frazier said. “He was not there to take him to school or none of that."

Since being in jail guards testify Young has thrown urine on other inmates, threatened staff and flooded his cell.

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