Kincaid Police Credit Social Media For Serial Burglar Arrest

    Kincaid Serial Burglar Suspect Arrested (WRSP)

    A suspected serial burglar has been arrested and accused of stealing from stores in the Kincaid area.

    Police say 35-year-old Robert Burke was taken into custody Tuesday night, after he admitted to stealing from the Phillips 66 gas station multiple times and stealing a register from the Kincaid Diner.

    Owner Jaclyn Bajrami says she walked into the diner one morning earlier this month to find a crime scene.

    "The glass was busted, he had gotten through, and obviously the cash register was missing. So he didn't try to break the cash register, he just took the whole thing and ran out the door with it."

    Police say Robert Burke was responsible for that burglary, and breaking into the Phillips 66 gas station down the street from the diner twice this month.

    Kincaid Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler says it was hard to identify the burglar, until they put this video on Facebook.

    "Once you throw it on social media it gets around everywhere. I believe this video had 11,000 views. And this is a small community."

    Wheeler says the video generated more than 50 tips, and those tips lead them to Burke.

    He also says social media has completely changed how police catch burglars, and it's responsible for more than 50 percent of their burglary arrests.

    "We still canvas the area whenever we have burglaries like this. You know, we knock on doors. But with the social media, people see it so fast, and they respond to it."

    Police say they think Burke would probably have continued stealing if the community didn't step up help put him behind bars.

    "I enjoy living in a small community because not a whole lot of things can happen and slip through the cracks. Eventually it will come forward because it's a small community, and everyone sticks up for everybody."

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