Lake Springfield’s Old Marina will not turn into an office building

Lake Springfield’s Old Marina will not turn into an office building

On Tuesday at Springfield's City Council, aldermen decide to reject the proposal to turn the old lake marina into an office building.

It was a long meeting with several speakers and a lot of debate.

Aldermen were voting whether to rezone the old marina from what’s called a “commercial business” into an “office district”, according to City Clerk Frank Lesko.

In either situation, the owner would be able to build residential property.

The difference is: in a “commercial business” which is how the old marina is zoned now, according to the City Clerk, the owner can sell retail with options like a restaurant or boating.

In an "office district", the owner would drop that privilege and instead build office buildings.

The marina’s owner’s attorney, Patrick Sheehan, was at the meeting Tuesday as well as the company, ReNuTeq, that wanted to put in their office. ReNuTeq said they wanted to add their architecture office to the lake to have a connection with nature and be near the University of Illinois Springfield. They said the design would also promote sustainability.

Residents spoke up against the office saying they wanted to keep the “integrity” of the lake.

Some aldermen including Ward 10 Ralph Hanauer said he admired the architecture company and their vision. He said his ward and others would welcome them to their area.

The attorney for the old marina’s owner said they would look into “Plan B” for that area.

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