Legionella bacteria confirmed at the Capitol Complex

Legionella bacteria confirmed at the Capitol Complex (Photo by Martin Towsley)

A memo was sent out Wednesday alerting employees that active Legionella bacteria was found in the Capitol Complex.

Preliminary test results found four of the 313 areas tested were positive for the bacteria.

Two positive readings came from the cooling tower in the Central Management Services Computer Center on Adams Street, one came from a women's restroom in the basement of the Howlett Building on South Second Street and one came from an industrial humidifier in the south wing of the Capitol building.

Two weeks ago, we reported that signs of Legionella bacteria were found in the Capitol Complex water system.

That's what led to this additional testing.

Experts have told Capitol officials that the transmission of Legionella bacteria in normal, day-to-day office operations is unlikely.

Officials are alerting Capitol Complex employees to ensure people are aware of what's going on.

As of now, officials said they're unaware of any reports of Legionnaires' disease among Springfield state employees or the general public.

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