Legionella bacteria memo sent to capitol employees

Legionella bacteria memo sent to capitol employees

A memo was sent out Tuesday morning by the Secretary of State's Office. The memo asked all employees in the capitol complex to use a pencil-sized stream of water when washing their hands. They were also asked to turn off all nebulizers and humidifiers in their offices.

Inside the capitol, the faucets are motion censored and the stream cannot be controlled. James Carder, who works at the complex, said he isn’t scared to wash his hands.

"Not really as long as you don’t let it splash. If it’s just the narrow stream, yeah you have to be clean,” James Carder said.

The memo sent to employees comes after a test indicates the presence of Legionella bacteria.

On January 10, there was a pipe burst in the armory building. The next day, the pipe was repaired.

On January 12, testing phase was initiated by reliable environmental solution inc.

On January 17, testing kits arrived and the water was tested.

On January 19, the results from the preliminary tests came in.

Although the bacteria was found, it needs to be active to be dangerous. They are conducting tests to see if the bacteria is active.

Those tests results take up to 14 days.

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