Local artist paints the town

Local artist, Kelly Hieronymus, paints an abstract mural inspired by the landscape of Central Illinois. (WCCU)

A local artist is on a mission to make downtown Champaign a little brighter.

Kelly Hieronymus was hired by Furniture Lounge to paint a mural on the back of their downtown building.

Hieronymus said she typically paints aerials of Central Illinois, but this piece will be a little more abstract.

She hopes her work will inspire more local artists to use the city as their canvas.

"Me and a few friends have noticed that there is a lack of public art besides sculptures,” Hieronymus said. “So I've kind of been on a personal vendetta I guess to make sure that there's more art in downtown Champaign."

If all goes as planned, the mural will be complete by mid-July.

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