Local High-Tech Company Expands Production Worldwide

Local High-Tech Company Expands Production Worldwide (WCCU)

A high-tech company's ground breaking solidifies their stay in Champaign.

Local legislatures say the company, II-VI Epi Works, will bring a huge economic boost to the area.

The company is recruiting over 150 new employees and hoping to quadruple their production size.

Working with a variety of technology, Epi Works is now serving huge brand names like Apple and their iPhone product.

The company started in Champaign and they say they're here to stay.

The II-VI Epi Works co-founder, David Ahmari, said their ground breaking Monday was sensational.

It all started in 2000 and now Ahmari said they are ready to achieve a massive local expansion, recruiting many of its employees from here in town.

"A lot of what we are doing here requires the local talents,” he said. “We have Parkland College and University of Illinois. There’s a lot of good pipelines to the talent that's available in town here where we do our work.”

The Champaign County Economic Development Corporation said they are grateful Epi Works is sticking to their home roots.

"It's been really exciting,” said Assistant Director Carly McCory. “It's been a very fruitful relationship and we look forward to working with them more as they continue to expand, build out this particular expansion project, and then work to bring more people to the area by these new hundred plus jobs."

Epi Works is a company that creates semi-conductors, also called a wafer. It helps create the wireless chip in smart phones, to make them work faster and more efficiently.

Congressman Rodney Davis said it’s companies like Epi Works that keeps Champaign thriving.

"Well Champaign-Urbana is its own economic engine for its region,” said Rep. Davis. “And when you have a facility and entrepreneurs like Epi Works wanting to create 100 plus jobs in a field that's only going to grow into the future that means it's a regional positive job creation development that we all need to celebrate."

Epi Works hopes to increase production from a few million chips and fiber optics to several billion.

"We've had a lot of support and help along the way,” Ahmari said. “And part of this is to recognize how to get to that point and also to get people excited about what's ahead of us."

Other state and city officials were also at the ground breaking, including Senator Chapin Rose and Urbana Alderwoman Diane Marlin.

Epi Works will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the increased staff and new equipment sometime in the next year.

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