Man accused of leaving 2 dogs to die of exposure

If convicted, Easley could spend a year in jail. (WRSP)

Police arrested a man for animal cruelty Thursday, alleging he left two dogs to die of exposure in the heat.

Two dogs were left chained without food or water, said the Christian County sheriff.

The animals were last seen alive on Wednesday.

Virgil Easley was booked for animal cruelty.

Fox's Joe Cadotte was there when Kincaid's police chief arrested Easley.

"He did not want to see the dogs die," said Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp. "I don't think that he realized that they were dead. It was obvious that they had not been watered or fed in a couple days."

Easley, the dogs' owner, suffers from a disability, Kettelkamp said.

Kettelkamp says the man's condition is not an excuse to leave animals out without food or water.

"That's just... that's unacceptable, especially in this heat," Kettelkamp said. "They're out in the middle of the sun. They didn't have a collar. They had a log chain wrapped around the neck."

We blurred this footage of the dogs because of its disturbing nature.

Kettelkamp said Virgil Easley told authorities his disability made it hard for him to take care of the animals.

Leaving dogs outside without food or water is a crime regardless of the situation, Kettelkamp said.

"That's neglect," he said. "That's animal abuse. It's not going to be tolerated in this county."

Several of Easley's neighbors say they've been concerned for the dogs for more than a year.

"They're not even my dogs and I would sneak food to them if I could get water to them because they were kind of mean because of the way they were treated," said Gayla Las, Kincaid. "I'm not the only one in this neighborhood. We'd all sneak food to the poor dogs."

Easley was released from jail after he was booked.

The Kincaid Police Department said he has no prior animal cruelty cases and was not a danger to anyone or any other animals.

If convicted, Easley could spend a year in jail.

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