Many LGBTQ students feel unsafe in Illinois schools

Illinois schools (File photo)

According to a report by the Gay and Lesbian Support Network, most LGBTQ students in Illinois feel unsafe in school.

The report found most LGBTQ students in Illinois experienced anti-LGBTQ victimization at school. They also experienced victimization at school based on religion (21%), disability (23%), and race/ethnicity (24%). Most never reported the incident to

school staff (56%). Only 35% of students who reported incidents said it resulted in effective staff intervention.

Students also reported that they heard homophobic comments and experienced harassment.

The national nonprofit that advocates for LGBTQ students released the report which found that 80 percent of LGBTQ students in middle and high school reported regularly hearing homophobic remarks in school.

Some students also regularly heard school staff make homophobic remarks (16 percent) and many regularly heard school staff make negative remarks about someone's gender expression (36 percent).

In addition, many LGBTQ students in Illinois did not have access to important school resources, such as an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, and were not protected by supportive and inclusive school policies.

For the full report:

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