#MattoonStrong for homecoming

From tragedy to unity, the Mattoon community rallied together for their homecoming game just two weeks after a school shooting at the high school. (WCCU)

From tragedy to unity, Mattoon High School came together for their homecoming football game Friday night.

The community rallied together just two weeks after an active shooter opened fire in the high school cafeteria.

The crowd at the game showed their support not only by wearing green, but sporting their new #MattoonStrong gear as well.

A group of Mattoon parents got together in the light of the tragedy and began selling #MattoonStrong tee-shirts, stickers, wristbands and more. The new spirit wear looks to promote unity.

"Unfortunately our community is known right now for that tragedy, and we want to be known for coming together and uniting as one,” Mattoon parent Josh Butler said. “So to make a positive of that we’ve come together and that's what we've got to do.”

‘United as 1’ bumper stickers were sold at the game, and orders were taken for another batch of #MattoonStrong tee-shirts.

All of the proceeds from the spirit wear are donated to the school’s security fund.

So far the #MattoonStrong sales have raised more than $16,000. A check for that amount was presented to the school as part of Friday night's festivities.

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