Memorial Day Weekend holds special meaning for one Springfield resident

Memorial Day Weekend holds special meaning for one Springfield resident.

As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, many are getting ready for warmer temperatures and the activities that come with them.

Springfield public pools will be opening Saturday at 11 in the morning.

But for one Springfield resident, it holds a different meaning.

Samantha Williams said she looks forward to the holiday every year.

For many, Memorial Day Weekend signifies for many the beginning of summer.

"It will be perfect, it will be hot and sunny, we're sick of the cold weather, looking forward to it," Kyle Upton, a Springfield resident said.

It also signifies a time to spend with family as well as friends.

"We have a camp lot out near Petersburg that we go to a lot and in fact, I will be with a veteran, a very special veteran that's been in my family all my life," Williams said.

But for some, this weekend means a little bit more.

"I get it that it's also a fun time, the beginning of summer, but I do take the time to recognize the veterans who sacrificed a lot for us," Williams said.

It is also a time to reflect on those who fight for freedom.

"I actually have several marine veterans in our family. So, we do have a lot of servicemen in our family," Williams said.

It also gives people a chance to reflect on what they mean to our country.

"It does take you a step back and a lot of times people don't take the time to realize all of our privileges we have from the people that went over there and served for us so I like to at least take a little time out during the fun weekend to do that," Williams said.

So, while many will enjoy hot dogs and boating, some will be reflecting on those who fight for our freedom.

Now there will be plenty of things open downtown Memorial Day Weekend, several downtown businesses will have their normal Saturday and Sunday hours.

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