Monticello's 'do not knock' list to help prevent unwanted solicitations

Monticello residents may soon be able to stop solicitors from knocking on their doors. (WCCU)

Monticello residents may soon be able to stop solicitors from knocking on their doors.

The city council discussed a new proposal Monday night which may soon implement a "Do Not Knock" list.

"A lot of times during the summer we seem to always have the same representatives from the same companies come around,” resident, Ryan Stripens said.

Monticello's current ordinance requires solicitors to have a permit, but the 'do not knock' list will allow residents to add their name and address on the list via the city's website.

"Residents can choose commercial or non-commercial, or they can select ‘I don’t want anybody knocking on my door,’” Monticello police chief, John Carter said.

If solicitors violate the ordinance, they can be fined $100 to $750.

"You can actually be charged for each individual home that you go to,” Carter said. “Like say you come into town, you don't get a permit and you knock on four doors you could get four different fines.”

If the ordinance passes, religious organizations, boys and girls scouts, news reporters and politicians are some of the groups that would not need a permit to knock on residents' doors.

Monticello resident, Sarah Christman said she does not plan to include herself in the 'do not knock' list.

"It's a small community and if there is anybody that does knock I’m going to check and see who it is and I feel comfortable enough,” Christman said.

Carter said the proposal is to also help stop repeated violations.

"I think people have the right to privacy,” Stripens said. “[The proposal] is not mandating that these companies can't send representatives around.”

The city council will continue discussing the new proposal May 29th.

The city of Champaign already has an ordinance addressing solicitors. Residents have the option of placing "no soliciting" signs outside their home and city officials said anyone who violates that is subject to a fine.

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