Nearly 60 kids shop with Champaign PD for Christmas

Nearly 60 kids shop with Champaign PD for Christmas. (WCCU)

Nearly 60 kids in Champaign took part in the 16th annual Shop-With-a-Cop Program.

The program gives struggling families and kids an opportunity to buy things they might not be able to get during the holiday season.

Thanks to Meijer and other local businesses in the area, $8,500 was split between each child, giving them $150 to spend on whatever they wanted, with some guidance by police and parents.

"It gives them an opportunity to mix with the officer, share some time with them. At the same time, get some things that maybe they might need within their home or maybe what they need for Christmas," Sgt. David Griffet said.

"I'm feeling good because I never really got presents for Christmas and I'm happy I got some today," Shopper Nakaiya Lindsey said.

Sgt. Griffet said it may only be 17 families, but it's 67 kids who get the chance to buy what they want at the store.

From toys to clothes and electronics, kids were excited to fill their carts.

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