Hope holds out after heavy losses in Taylorville

    Neighbors help clean up the streets of Taylorville 3 days after EF-3 tornado. (Credit: Dustin Yantis)

    It's now day three of the clean-up process for Taylorville.

    Throughout Tuesday, neighbors are still doing all they can to help one another.

    Even though the destruction left in Taylorville is still visible throughout the city, trees and debris are still lining the street after an EF-3 tornado ripped through Saturday evening.

    But the rebuilding process has surprised everyone, even city officials.

    "I'm lucky - at least my house is standing and I got electricity last night," said Niccole Anselm, a Taylorville resident.

    Anselm is finding joy in simple favors.

    "We were out here working. I had three different churches deliver food; people that were working down the street came and people I don't even know came and started helping us," Anselm said.

    She said the kindness of her community surprises her daily.

    Just 72 hours after an EF-3 tornado hit Taylorville and the piles of branches and debris are vivid reminders that all are recovering, some physically.

    "Lady that was critically injured, yesterday afternoon he told us she got out of the chair briefly. She's still in a lot of pain but she's doing fine,” Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp said.

    But the community is there to help one another through it all after more than 30 homes were destroyed by the Taylorville tornado.

    "Just devastation; I've seen houses that are just leveled, just a hole in the ground and people that have lost everything," Anselm said.

    Losing everything but hope as the community continues to be #TaylorvilleStrong.

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