New Breweries Coming To Springfield

New Breweries Coming To Springfield (WRSP)

Two new breweries are coming to the city of Springfield.

One is near the Illinois State Fairgrounds and the other is expected to open shop in downtown Springfield.

Timotheus Brothers Brewery is expanding its brewery operations. Currently, the brothers have been selling their craft beer at wholesale.

Owner Jay Timm said they're hoping to have a tasting room open in time for the state fair in August.

Timm also saying they'll be offering samples of their craft beer to anyone aged 21 and older.

He said they're working on having a system in place for them to sell growlers and kegs from their location on Peoria Road.

Nathan Bishop with Downtown Springfield Inc. said these new breweries can help boost surrounding business.

"The long term goal is to be here full-time, but for right now, it's exciting and we are enjoying the fact we're able to provide our products to people," said Timm.

"And if you go buy some of our existing ones you get a place that is very lively. You got a lot of people and it's a place you want to be.So, hopefully with the new ones that are already here or coming on that will be the same case," said Bishop.

Once there is a tasting room, Timm said, people can expect some of their flagship beers on tap.

Bishop said another brewery and distillery is expected to open this fall in downtown Springfield.

Bishop added that when we have multiple breweries in a central area it's been known to attract tourism.

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