New Law Fines Drivers For Parking At Electric Charging Stations

Charging Stations

Parking in a reserved spot and getting ticketed or even towed is not uncommon. Now, a new law is driving tougher consequences for drivers that park at electric charging stations.

When your car needs gas, usually you go to the gas station to fill up. More and more drivers are opting for electrical cars and that means in their case "filling up" doesn't require gas. It needs electricity instead.

"It's actually been pretty interesting to see. The change in technology over the years," said Derik Hymans who is a salesman at a local dealer.

Hymans has been a car salesman for almost two years now. He says that's enough time to know that investing in an electric cars can be cost effective down the line.

"The change from gas. When gas prices are high, people are looking for ways to save money and cut costs," said Hymans.

While filling up a gas-operated vehicle only takes minutes, charging an electric car could take between four and twelve hours. That's why Hymans says you've got to plan ahead.

"Always be prepared and do a full charge before you leave. That way you have at least a full charge to get started," said Hymans.

If you don't, stations like this are available around town to help, but if a non-electric car happens to be parked there when you need it, alert an officer. That driver will be fined a minimum of $75.

"Basically it would be complaint driven or if the officer observes the violation, he would act on it," said Sgt. Charles Kean with the Springfield police department.

Sergeant Kean says officers will monitor all the charging stations around town, but that'll be limited unless they receive a multitude of complaints. He and Hymans say it's about being respectful because after all, it's not like there are very many charging stations here.

"Think of it in terms of handicap spots, there's a limited number. Make sure you stay courteous to people out there. Leave those spots open and let them have those," said Hymans.

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