One of the Largest Agriculture Companies Comes to U of I

One of the largest agriculture companies in the world, Syngenta, is collaborating with the University of Illinois. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday after Syngenta announced it established a digital innovation lab at the university's Research Park.

The company will employ four full-time employees as well as U of I students. The students will have the opportunity to help solve agricultural challenges like world hunger.

“To be able to come in and touch some truly big data challenges and work with some technology, it really is state of the art and really focused on helping us solve the world food challenge,” Bill Danker, global head of R&D IS business at Syngenta, said. “By 2050, we have to feed 9 billion people and we would like to do that with less land, not more land.”

The company already has some students on board and said they plan to start getting to work by March.

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