Ott's Drive In helps raise funds for Eater JHS students

Ott's Drive In helps raise funds for Eater JHS students. (WCCU)

Breakfast food for a good cause was being served up Tuesday night in Rantoul.

Ott's Drive In kept its doors open late to help the J W Eater Junior High School Student Council raise money for after-school programs.

The diner's staff weren't working alone though.

Students from the school helped all night, taking orders and clearing tables.

The owner of Ott's is glad to help out the school, but hopes the students involved take away a bit more.

"It's not just one of those...You know, they're getting donations. They're actually working for it and they see some sort of fruits of their labor. That was always my hope with it," Owner Tony Grilo said.

Ott's is normally open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Proceeds from the night's sales went to the student council, which will allocate funds for student programs.

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