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Outbreak Continues On U of I Campus

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At McKinley Health Center they've seen over 70 cases of a viral infection known as hand, foot and mouth disease. If you get sick with the disease, you can be out anywhere from one day or up to five.

Doctors say the best way to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands and take extra precautions.

"I haven't encountered anything with it. Although I’ve heard about many cases here on campus, but the first step is to take precaution as to how you interact with other people,” said Maximiliano Hernandez, a student at the University of Illinois.

Hernandez is one student who says he understands the impact of catching a virus like this, and he's being extra careful with every environment he walks into.

Over 70 University of Illinois students have been treated at McKinley, which is affiliated with the University, for hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Dr. Robert Palinkas says it starts with fever and sore throat, but then the symptoms get worse.

"There is the appearance of red rash on the hands in the area of the palm and on the soles of the feet,” explained Dr. Plainkas.

He went on to explain that symptoms can vary, not only showing red rashes on hands and feet, but also sores and blisters around the mouth.

But there are others who show much less.

"They may not have occur all at the same time and that's particularly true in the early phases of the illness,” Dr. Palinkas said.

Some students say they've seen illnesses spread on campus before and aren't worried moving forward.

"I’m on a college campus where a lot of illnesses go around, so it hasn't been like something that's super concerning to me,” said Grace Clayotn, a University of Illinois student.

The news has even caused some to stay away from the university. Hernandez says he saw people comment on the matter on social media.

"The first thing I saw them post is like forget homecoming, like I’m not , there's no way I’m going down to U of I, keep that over there,” Clayton said.

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Doctors say if you are sick you should stay indoors and try to avoid contact with other people.

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