Paranormal investigators explore Champaign residence

Paranormal activity investigators suspect an 'intelligent haunting' in a Champaign residence. (WCCU)

Two residents believe their Champaign home may be haunted.

After seeing shadows and hearing footsteps, the residents called in an expert.

Bob Davies with Champaign-Urbana Paranormal Society investigates paranormal activity.

Davies and his crew launched an investigation into the Champaign home Sunday night.

One of the residents, Tess Strang, said her roommate experienced the first spooky occurrence.

"She like accidentally knocked into the door and it knocked back,” Strang said. “Like enough to freak her out."

That was strike one.

"I was sitting on the couch and I was looking over in this area and then there was like a shadow that moved,” Strang said. “And then I heard like footsteps."

Davies said a paranormal investigation like this gathers data between the hours of 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Every job varies, but he said the objective is usually the same.

"To find out what’s going on and to find out what you can do about it,” Davies said. “To find out what kind of haunting it is depends on whether you can or cannot do something about it."

Davies and his team hunts for evidence, looking to capture paranormal sights or sounds.

In the past, they’ve gotten solid video evidence of paranormal activity.

But in this Champaign home, and in most of their cases cases, only audio evidence was captured.

“On the count of three,” Davies said.

Davies said after the count of three he heard a bang.

The microscopic sounds are hard to hear without proper gear, but Davies said this along with other evidence collected is enough for him to believe some type of haunting could be happening in the house.

He suspects it’s an 'intelligent haunting'.

"An intelligent haunting is aware of you,” Davies said. “It knows you're there and it's trying to get your attention. It could be trying to scare you, trying to warn you."

Strang said she'd be okay with the paranormal activity in the house, as long as it's harmless.

"If there is something here, then I guess that would be pretty cool to be experiencing something like that," Strang said.

The investigation isn’t finished just yet. Davies said after further review of the evidence, they’ll present their findings to the residents and go from there.

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