Parkland College Is Looking At Letting Go Of Non-Tenured Faculty


After a year without a full appropriation from the state, Parkland College is considering faculty layoffs.

Friday the college sent out an email to their faculty and staff that said the fight to stay afloat is becoming more difficult, and they are recommending that some non-tenured faculty will be let go.

The email said: "This is clearly not sustainable...we have made the decision to not renew the contracts of several faculty members that are not tenured. These faculty are outstanding, excellent teachers and colleagues."

Some students, like Jeremy Bray, said whether or not the layoffs actually happen, it's unfortunate the school has to turn to this.

"There are a lot of people with bubbly, butterfly personalities, people that just love to see you smile, you know those type of people that you want to see employed,” Bray said. “Things like that, it affects a wide range of people."

But when FOX Champaign reached out to administration on the potential layoffs, both the Vice President and the President declined to comment.

Some students say Parkland College should be more transparent.

"I would say they should be open with the students,” Lawrence Beck said. “The students are the ones paying to go here, they should be open with the students."

Parkland College has been suffering all year from the lack of a state budget.

Right now there is no immediate sign of a state appropriation.

"I think the effects of not having any state money, it could trickle down, and it could be disastrous,” Bray said. “What's more important than educating our youth?"

The college has not released how many non-tenured faculty may be let go or who this may include.

This discussion will be brought up to the Board of Trustees in the near future.

Parkland College has already let go of some staff earlier this year, and has already decided on a 12 percent tuition hike for next year to help stay afloat the state budget impasse.

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